Sunday, 29 March 2015

Swachh Bharat: A Dream that has the potential to be a Reality

We live in a country where number of people who have a cell phone is higher than the number who has access to a toilet. Shocking right?

The lack of toilets paired with bad sanitation is the world’s biggest problem and sadly India leads the way in open defecation. More unfortunate are our country’s little girls and women, because it is not just the wilderness and diseases that they have to safeguard themselves from but from men, who disregard them at the earliest chance.

Luckily 2014-15 have witnessed a change in the tide with Prime Minister Narendra Modi launching the “Clean India Mission” campaign (“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”) which directed the much needed attention to our surroundings and the ‘big’ problem of ‘toilets’.

  • Construction of toilets under the project has gone up to 7.1 lakh individual household toilets in January. This number is way short of ‘1.2 crore toilets’ target, still it is promising. However government needs to gain speed to accomplish 100%, no open defecation across country.
  • Contributing to the mission is a company from West Bengal, Sangam Prefab Concrete Products Pvt. Ltd. They have introduced low cost portable and bio toilets under their brand “SWACHH TOILET” to contribute to the urgency of the situation. They believe that “Toilet” is a must for a healthy life and they are doing their share to protect the dignity of our country.


People from all spheres of life have joined the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ campaign but it is still a long path down the aisle. A food for thought - If every individual in a country of 1.25 billion just do their ‘bit’, we might not be far behind in accomplishing a cleaner, healthier and a better India to live in. Yes, we can make a difference but only if we believe that we can.

Are you doing your bit?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


On a super cool trip with your friends, with utmost levels of excitement, what is one basic facility you are looking at? A blanket? Electricity? I certainly would say, TOILET! What do you think so?

Gone are the days when people wanted heat, they made fire! Agree!
When people wanted to use a toilet, they had to dig a hole or find some forest space. Agree!

Gone are the very old days where thousands and lakhs of people didn't have the facility! REALLY? The situation is still the same my dear friends! It is sadly still the same!

The situation doesn't exist only in India. One-third of people on this planet do not have access to Toilets. They still dig holes, still use plastic bags, find a tree or the river close by.

What is actually happening?
More than half of Indian household’s defecate in the open. Human waste goes into the water. People get sick, also die! This is also one main reason of child malnutrition. Moreover diseases spread – diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery and so on.  This deadly wave kills more than two million children every year. A shocking figure!

Though 2014-15 bought a welcome change in the Indian sanitation aspects, achieving better results is not an easy task in the Indian scenario. People are being offered an improved life, for which they have to change the way they live. Awareness and education is primary.

Toilet hence is an alarming need of the hour. Toilets first, temples later!

Toilet is a must! For children to live longer!
Toilet is a must! For humans to live healthier!
Toilet is a must! To prevent girls from being raped!
Toilet is a must! To protect the dignity of India!

For a better and healthy life, TOILET is a MUST!


How many of you are aware that such organisations do exist! Yes, World Toilet Day is celebrated on November 19th.

The aim of the organisations is that every individual living in this world should have
  • ·         access to basic toilet facility
  • ·         safe water to drink
  • ·         water to wash hands to free themselves from germs

World Toilet Organisation is aiming at a BETTER LIFE FOR EVERYONE.